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Trust the organization of your wedding reception in Kavaliotissa. With over 30 years of experience in the field of catering and in the organization of receptions, we have the ability and the mood to make the wedding event of your dreams come true.

κέντρο δεξιώσεων γάμου
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Χώρος εκδηλώσεων Καβάλα
Χώρος δεξιώσεων Καβάλα


Event hall

A key component of a wedding event that will be unforgettable is the place where it will take place. The seaside location of the reception hall of Kavaliotissa, East of the city of Kavala, is the best choice for hosting the happiest day of your life.

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Kavaliotissa wedding event space

In Kavaliotissa we know very well that marriage is one of the most important moments in the life of a couple. For this reason, special importance is given to the event, which will be dedicated to this great moment. The first concern of a couple for the organization of their wedding reception will surely be, finding the ideal place to perform it.

In Kavaliotissa we have taken care to provide a banquet hall that covers all needs. Its seaside location offers a wonderful view to the guests while the construction of our space, provides flexibility and allows us to cover any form of event, depending on the mood and weather conditions, to ensure the successful outcome of the reception.

We believe that service is crucial for the experience you will gain. Service with long experience will be near you, in order to satisfy your every wish. We have our own catering with a wide variety of foods and finger foods, from which you have the opportunity to choose and combine. Excellent raw materials and handmade flavors are a non-negotiable principle of our space. Finally, we have a wide variety of wines and beverages able to meet all your requirements.

Feel free to tell us your thoughts, expectations and even your concerns. It is very important for us to feel that someone cares for you !!

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