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How to choose a place for the wedding reception

Let’s be honest, (that) if you make the big decision, two of the many things you have to deal with are the most important to you, and not unjustly so. One is the wedding dress, the other is the place where the reception will take place.

The choice of space for your wedding party

That’s why you will face the biggest dilemmas, you will do the most searching, you will throw the big run. Their choice is something like a mirror for the aesthetics, the taste and the style of the wedding that you have chosen to do with your partner.

First you get excited about the space and start pulling your partner’s sleeve persistently to shake hands with the owner of the property / space, you must (really must) have in mind some things worthwhile to determine the final decision for the space you will book

What to watch out for at the wedding venue

χώρος για τον γάμο σας, πάρτυ γάμου
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  • It is obvious that a place you have been to as a guest or recommended by a friend, is an estate that earns points from the beginning. Always
  • The impression that the manager / owner will make on you will play an important role. It is not a detail, nor an unreasonable requirement. It is necessary to have your head calm. You need to be able to communicate with him, trust him and generally fill your eye.
  • Food. What most of us remember after a wedding is if we ate well. The more menu options an estate gives you the better. A key detail is to be able to have the food available all night and to fill the trays every time they are empty. We do NOT skimp on food.
  • Regarding music, what you need to clarify with the management of the estate are: a) How long can you keep the DJ busy? b) Is there an audio installation? c) How much does it cost?
  • Regarding the music, what you need to clarify with the management of the property is It would be good if the space does not have large columns, so that everyone can see the couple. The more perimeter the space, the better
  • The first price you will hear from the manager / owner of the property is not entirely realistic. If he tells you, for example, that it costs 35 euros / person, do not rush to do the multiplication “cost X person” and finally. Most, if not all, estates do not include in the price the alcoholic beverages or the person who will make them or the DJ, the valet, etc. Ask what extra charges you should calculate or if there are any restrictions, e.g. in decoration.
  • Many misunderstandings are often made about the number of guests and those who eventually arrive. You may think that you should only pay for the people who come to the wedding. The owner may have a different opinion. Because prices are generally fixed, clarify everything from the beginning.
  • Check if the available parking is sufficient for the number of your guests.
  • It is also important to have a back up plan in case of rain and bad weather in general, because you never know. Ask if there are awnings and if the interior can be used.
  • Good indoor ventilation is just as important as air conditioning
  • An estate that shows flexibility if you have in mind Extra facilities (photobooth, live music band) also earn points
  • If the venue has sound equipment, you should check it out in real conditions. Once again it is confirmed that you must take your boyfriend and go to the estate when the reception of another wedding is taking place.
  • Do not take anything for granted in your agreement. You need to know clearly how long the estate is available for your reception and especially how long you can have the music on the percussion.
  • Confirm that disinfection / disinfestation has taken place. Summer, equal mosquitoes, cockroaches and the like.
  • Going to the estate check that there are signs on the road so that people do not suffer.
  • The many stairs in the area are impressive but no pleasant. Especially when you are balancing on heels.
  • One question that is not often asked but is crucial is whether the estate has a generator.
  • If you have enough guests with children, the scenario is that there is someone clown or small playground in the estate to keep the little ones busy while you cut shots on the track, is ideal. Because a quiet place would be useful for parents to put their babies to sleep or change them.

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