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Combination of christening and wedding reception

In recent years there has been a trend that wants newlyweds to combine their marriage with the baptism of their first child. This trend is a challenge in most estates and wedding halls. This choice of couples is made due to the significantly lower cost in relation to two different receptions, while it often arises as a forced result of an unplanned pregnancy, which makes it difficult to perform the wedding during it. Other times the baptism is done on its own and the parents just want to combine it with a big party for young and old.

In both cases the landlord needs to provide solutions to a number of practical issues, depending on his professionalism and experience, in order to achieve a harmonious result. A first issue that arises is the decoration of the outdoor space and the reception hall, so that it fits both for a wedding and a baptism depending on the wishes of the couple. Thus, bright colors can be chosen and a light backdrop that will refer to the romance of the new family that has just been created.

Wedding and christening together!

The second issue that should be considered in the organization of the reception, is the time when the sacraments will be performed. Whether it is winter, spring or autumn, they can be done in the morning or at noon so that the newlyweds can have all year round to celebrate with their friends without worrying that time will pass and their baby will be tired. But if it is summer, this is contraindicated due to the high temperature. Of course, there are reception rooms with patio and glass curtains that allow bright summer light to enter the room, which is closed and air conditioned. But if the couple prefers to have the wedding reception and the baptism outdoors, then the best time is early in the afternoon, so that the children do not spend too much night.

Make your children time unforgettable

But the most important problem that arises at such events is the entertainment of the guests, which consists of a diverse set of children and adults. A good solution to this issue can give a clown. This ensures the undisturbed entertainment of the parents, who will be able to enjoy the event knowing that their children are also having a good time in a guarded space, with which they have eye contact. The holiday will be truly unforgettable for kids and adults.

With these little secrets the atmosphere can become wonderful, young and old can become a favorite company and of course the joy can be doubled, since within a day the parents were united with the sacred bonds of marriage and the new member was blessed of their family!

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