Every bride, in the happiest moment of her life wants to live what we call “modern romantic wedding”. But how will he achieve this? Such weddings combine both modern style and romance. Modern because thin and clean lines are used but also romance that are based mainly on the feeling and sensation they evoke, rather […]

Let’s be honest, (that) if you make the big decision, two of the many things you have to deal with are the most important to you, and not unjustly so. One is the wedding dress, the other is the place where the reception will take place. The choice of space for your wedding party That’s […]

In recent years there has been a trend that wants newlyweds to combine their marriage with the baptism of their first child. This trend is a challenge in most estates and wedding halls. This choice of couples is made due to the significantly lower cost in relation to two different receptions, while it often arises […]

Welcome to our new website & nbsp; We have created this new website & nbsp; to inform you about the services we offer and to give you the opportunity to make reservations in the event hall we have. On our website you will get a first taste of our event space in Kavala. We […]

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